Hurricane Matthew

The southern coast of Haiti, better known as Grand' Anse and Les Cayes has been badly hit by hurricane Matthew. Places such as Port-Salut, Port-à-Piment, Chardonierre, Coteaux, Camp-Perrin, Pestel and especially the town of Jeremie, suffered a lot of damages where about 1.4 million people are affected. The death toll is about 1,000. Les Cayes and many other cities have been totally flooded. Reviving Haiti would like to thank all of those who called and offered their prayers. We are sure with your support the Haitian people will find strength to move forward.

Post Hurricane Matthew's Projects

• Our fist 2 family house is underway • Helping local farming community recovering • All damaged water stations have been repaired

Our Mission

Reviving Haiti, Inc. is committed to develop specific projects to build a better future for the Haitian people. Sustainable long-term progress will be achieved by expanding support to rebuild rural communities. The mission of Reviving Haiti, Inc. is guided by addressing community identified infrastructure needs, which strengthen their well being and quality of life.

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Reviving Haiti is a non profit organization which raises funds and provides technical assistance for critically needed infrastructure projects in Chardonnette and Foucand in Grand'Anse, Haiti.

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