The pig is a nutritional resource and an asset that can be sold to purchase other goods and services. In early times parents didn’t have to rely on outside aid to send their children to school. Unfortunately, during the 1980s Swine Fever epidemic in the neighboring Dominican Republic the United States pressured Haiti to kill all its Creole pigs because American pork producers feared infection from Haiti. This resulted in families losing their entire savings as well as their ability to provide basic food, medicine, and schooling for their children.

We are proposing a project which will utilize sustainable livestock to bolster food supplies and facilitate greater economic security. Livestock will generate income for impoverished families and provide economic strength to their communities.

The pig project will transform poverty into greater prosperity in Haiti. Families will again be able to buy and sell goods, but most of all, they will be able to send their children to school.

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Reviving Haiti is a non profit organization which raises funds and provides technical assistance for critically needed infrastructure projects in Chardonnette and Foucand in Grand'Anse, Haiti.

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