Reviving Haiti, Inc. currently consists of volunteer members who serve on the Board of Directors. The Board meets regularly to set policy, explore, develop initiatives, and programs for Reviving Haiti, Inc. in response to identified community needs facilitated by Reviving Haiti volunteers who are on site in Haiti.

Joseph DorismondPresident
Charles Hall1rst Vice President
Stephen Mooser 2nd Vice President
Joel JulienSecretary Treasurer
Astrid Fidelia Executive Director
Juana GauthierMarketing Director
Roosevelt WecheBoard Advisor
Montilor WeshBoard Advisor
Our Team in Haiti
Harry LindorDirector/Int'l Rep
Medlin DorvilRegional Director
Jonas DorismondField Rep

Contact Us

Reviving Haiti, Inc.
370 Seventh Ave. Suite 501
New York, NY 10001
Ph: 877-55-MYHAITI
Ph: 877-556-9424

About Us

Reviving Haiti is a non profit organization which raises funds and provides technical assistance for critically needed infrastructure projects in Chardonnette and Foucand in Grand'Anse, Haiti.

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