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Marie Therese Pun, alongside her daughter Astrid Pun-Fidelia, are true humanitarians. Through their unyielding and endearing efforts in assisting the impoverished, they have managed to bless Foucand, (Latiboliere), a small town in
Haiti, with the gift of honest charity. Now standing in what used to be a desolate ground of dirt, is a two story building. Thus, construction is far from completion, this building already serves the community as primary school on the lower level and church on the first level.
Marie Therese Pun has started this project with her monthly income and Astrid, with a portion of her salary. During a recent trip to Haiti, Reviving Haiti, Inc. has visited the worksite and acknowledged the efforts placed behind their remarkable project. Now by joining Reviving Haiti, Mrs. Fidelia, more than ever, is committed not only to finish her project in Foucand, but also to continue to make a difference in the lives of those who need it most in Haiti.

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Reviving Haiti is a non profit organization which raises funds and provides technical assistance for critically needed infrastructure projects in Chardonnette and Foucand in Grand'Anse, Haiti.

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